Exercise For Overcoming Anxiety And Reducing Stress

While most people are well aware of the physical health improvements that can be derived from exercise, there are also mental health benefits that can be procured from taking part in an active exercise program. Namely, those that suffer from anxiety related issues would find themselves benefiting from an active exercise program. Often, venturing into a solid exercise can deliver solid anxiety relief. Why is this? Anxiety is often the result of excess tension. This tension builds up and it weighs on the mind. Sometimes, our thoughts develop over-activity which further adds to the stress factor. When our minds reach such a clutter point, overcoming anxiety proves to be very problematic since we do not have a release mechanism for the anxiety. Through exercise, much of this excess anxiety and tension can be eliminated through the exertions of the exercise program.
A common way this method of overcoming anxiety is visible in a cardio boxing workout. Yes, simply „pounding“ away on a heavy bag can lead to the elimination of a lot of that pent up stress and anxiety. The hidden anger that derives from too much anxiety is eliminated as the person exercising takes out his/her frustrations on the bag. When the workout is finished, much of the anxiety that existed prior to the workout is gone with it.
Do all exercise sessions designed for overcoming anxiety need to require high intensity levels along the lines of boxing workouts? The answer is no as any type of workout regardless of the specific intensity level will yield positive results in terms of their abilities related to overcoming anxiety. Any physical movement or activity can burn up anxiety. Even something as relatively simple as walking on a treadmill can deliver clear results.
In addition to the physical components that help with overcoming anxiety, the mere fact that the exercise program helps keep your mind occupied is another huge plus. Again, anxiety is a mental state deriving from much stress and anguish. One of the common symptoms of anxiety is the mental looping of the problem causing the anxiety in the individual’s mind. By taking part in active exercise programs, the ability to eliminate this issue of anxiety induced thoughts is possible.
Does this mean that the exercise program one needs to take part in for overcoming anxiety needs to be high intensity and difficult? No, this is most assuredly not the case. Simply taking part in low intensity workouts can deliver the much needed anxiety relief that is desired. It does not matter how hard you work out. What matters is that you are consistent and committed. This will aid in overcoming anxiety a great deal better than many of the traditional methods that are so commonly overused.