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Find Out How This Workout Will Give You Better Results And Benefit You Tremendously in Real Life Application

"Functional Fitness"

Training Methodology For Real Life Application

Here are the things you will discover in this practical guide:

  • The real reason why many people are demotivated to workout (and how this simple trick help you combat this problem)

  • Why you should drop the weights & start working out with your bodyweights

  • Aiming for the perfect 10/10 body? Here’s why you should drop that idea for now (Chapter One)

  • Why morning working out will give you better results compared to other times in the day

  • Why a 15-minutes functional exercise is better than working out for 2 hours in the gym

  • 3 main benefits of doing functional fitness

  • Read this if you’ve been feeling grumpy & demotivated. This simple technique will help shine positivity back in your life (Chapter 3)

  • The differences between Functional Fitness & three other popular types of exercises

  • Avoid these four common mistakes people make when getting started with Functional Fitness

  • Is dieting the main solution for weight issues?

  • Eight exercises to build your power & strength

  • Why having massive strength & power will be useless without a good range of flexibility

  • Three simple exercises to keep you flexible

  • Tired of running up & down the stairs? If yes, you need to improve the fourth component of functional fitness

  • Three simple exercises to improve your balance & endurance


This product isn’t just another „101 tips“ type of eBook; it’s a full-blown course containing supplemental cheat sheets, mindmap and resources so that your customers can take action on the course, rather than leaving it to collect dust.

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Quick & Easy To Setup

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Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get Inside...

Module #01: High Quality Ebook

  • The main eBook is called „Functional Fitness“ It’s a completely brand new guide.

  • It’s not just another eBook filled with theory and fluff, it will guide the reader all the way and get him or her to take action by the end of the guide. It is a practical guide.

  • You can rest assured knowing that this eBook was written by a fluent, writer with many years of writing experience.

What's included?

  • Over 12,000 words (82+ pages) of „how to“, step-by-step content. 100% unique and original.
  • Diagrams and images embedded throughout the pages, so it’s not just all boring texts!
  • Editable DOC file included so you can freely edit the eBook as you wish.
  • Professionally and beautifully formatted and styled — definitely an eBook you’d be proud to call your own!
  • PDF version included.82

Take a look at the content of the eBook below and see for yourself just how stunning the quality is...

Over 12,000 +Words - 82+ Pages Of Content

Beautifully Designed Chapter Images Included!​

Module #02: Printable Checklist

  • As soon as your customers finish going through the eBook, they can follow this complete checklist that’s like a summary of all the important points from the eBook, except in actionable steps that easy to digest.
  • Formatted for print. You can simply print and check off the points you’ve completed.
    A great companion to the main eBook that your customers will highly appreciate

Module #03: Mindmap

 A quick glance over this mindmap and you’ll get an instant refresher of all the major points and action steps from the main guide.
  • This mindmap adds even more value to your customers because some are more „visual“ learners.
  • Provided in high-resolution 2000px wide JPG & PNG (transparent) format making it perfect for print.

Module #04: SalesPages

NEW! 100% Mobile-Friendly And Responsive On All Devices!

Sell this product right away using this ready-made sales page. You literally only need to insert your order button, add your name as the seller and you can start collecting orders.
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The included sales page was written to convert visitors into customers. You’ll also get a Thank You page so that your customers can download the product. Simply insert your download link. Take a look at a sample of the sales page and thank you page…

Module #05: Lead Magnet & Opt-in Page

It’s been proven that the highest-converting „lead magnet“ offer are ones that share things like the „Top 10 tools….“ or „The 5-Minute Guide To…“.
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Module #06: High-Quality Professional Graphics


Module #07: Promotional Email Swipes

  • Use these e-mail templates to instantly and easily earn sales from emails to your subscribers.

    Just select the email template you want, select a subject line, add it to your autoresponder and you’re done, these email templates are written for high opening rates.

Module #08: License Pack

You will receive both Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights License certificates if you sell the rights of this product to your customers!

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