How to Grow on Instagram the Right Way in 2020

Today, we are going to talk about how to
grow on Instagram the right way in 2020because a lot of the stuff that
you’ve been watching is the wrong way. Well, I’m not necessarily sure about that,
but I’m going to give you some right ways,things that I’ve actually tested myself. And first and foremost, we’re
gonna just go down the list. You’re actually have a couple of nine
different things for you right now. A lot of people talk about hashtags
when it comes to Instagram, and. Yeah. I used to think hashtags were, whatever. It seems like it was a lot of spamming,
but what I found recently was when westarted to use hashtags after we spoke
to a couple of people that have a hugeinfluence influence on, on Instagram, they
have, we’re talking about a couple hundredthousand, couple million followers or so. What we learned was that you can use an
app called in grammar, that’s I, N G R a ME r. com and they actually have a
hashtagging tool that you can use. There’s a lot of different
hashtagging tools out there. I just like using theirs because
there’s a lot of different options. There’s one column that shows
really popular hashtags. You might want to choose just a couple of
them cause you can pick 30 hashtags andyou know you have a middle tier. So the really popular is over like a
million people that have posted to thosehashtags. Middle tier is maybe a couple of hundred
thousand and the lower tiers under a ahundred thousand so you genuinely
want to have a, a bigger mix. If you’re a smaller size,
you want to have more of a. You know, small versus medium sized tags,
and then you might have some big oneslayered in there. and what I found was that
when we post our Instagram. What tends to happen is we might get 50 or
75% of the viewers actually come from thehashtags. So it’s about picking the right
hashtags at the end of the day. So, and you can go up to 30, right?And what I would recommend afterwards is
after you find a couple of that work, justcopy them. You can copy them to your iOS device,
copied them to your note or whatever, andthen you can basically just
cut and paste from there. It’s a lot faster than having to
find hashtags every single time. Now the second thing, I got this tip
from Chris Do and I recommend watching. His, the YouTube video that I did with
him or the interview that I did with himrather on how to grow 10,000
Instagram followers organically. So, look, I’ve tried all this stuff in
the past where using pods, using thesedifferent follow unfollow techniques,
those ways are fairly spammy and theyaren’t for the longterm. But the way Chris DO does it is. He has a really big design following. So what he does was,
is he makes a carousel. He makes a carousel. It’s like one, one, two, maybe seven,
eight carousels where he gives you valueon how to do design, how
you should do topography. So basically I sat him down and we chatted
for about 30 40 minutes or so, and weactually did a video on that on how to
grow your Instagram followers, or you canlisten on whatever platform
you’re coming from. So 10,000 Instagram followers per week. That’s what he does. And I think he’s actually
picked up from there. So we started doing carousels on our
Instagram, which is at eric O Siu. And from there we’ve actually seen
the engagement start to tick up. Like we’re, we’re starting
to hit our stride with it. Now. The third tip is you can
actually do guest carousels. And I actually got this tip
from, from Chris Do as well. So interesting fact here. If you go to his Instagram,
it’s the Chris DO. It’s DO, and you can check it out. I actually, our guest carousel is on there
where we talk about the latest marketingtrends, and at the very end of it, it’s a
call to action to text us, check out ourpodcast, and this, I gave him the copy,
to basically say, Hey, you know what?My friend Eric Siu basically came up with
the marketing trends that they have amarketing podcast called marketing school,
which just gets over a million downloads amonth. So we did all the work for him and
we provide a value to his audience. And then from there. We gained about, and by the
way, our Instagram’s not huge. We have about 6,000 followers or so. We gained about 600 so 10% of our
followers came from that one post. So that tells us that there’s a, there’s
a big signal there to do more guestcarousels. So we’re actually getting more people to
agree with that to work with us on thatand actually think that’s
going to take off very quickly. So now’s the time to jump on that. I think that’s a trend that’s very hot
right now, depending on when you’rewatching it. The fourth thing, this kind of goes hand
in hand, but if I’m doing guest carouselswith someone, I’m collaborating with them. So there’s other ways to collaborate too. You can pay someone that’s an often cover. A lot of the, the big are
YouTube or Instagram influencers. They do pay people to do, to shout out and
the up and comers, they might not charge alot of money. It might be $20 $50 or so. They’ll pay for the shoutout. You can do a giveaway of some sort. A lot of these people, let’s say you’re
selling bikinis, you can reach out to alot of these models and then just
sometimes you can just as simple as givethem a hundred, couple hundred dollars,
and then also just have them promote, thestuff that you have and just
give it to them for free. Now, a lot of them are
getting smarter about that. They realize their, their worth
is actually much more than that. So good for them. I think they should realize that, but
now it’s still a time that you can. if you want to do that, it might
make sense for your, your business. My friend Noah Kagan, if you follow him on
Instagram, Noah Kagan, he actually did the31 day challenge. or a contest and each day he was doing all
these giveaways and you can basically turnyour email, you can follow him on
Instagram, you can follow him on YouTube. Basically each, each time you, you enter
in information or like something if you’regoing to get an additional entry, right. That’s how you can enter in to
get more entries for the contest. Depending on the giveaway that he’s doing. So contests can still very much work. You just have to execute it well. And there’s a lot of different
tools out there you can use. Um, you can use KingSumo giveaways. You can use, I think there’s a raffle
press, which is owned by my friend Sayed. The only thing I’ll say is this, I used
to in the past before I started to focus alittle more on Instagram. I didn’t post that much. And when you, when you don’t post that
much, obviously the algorithm is not goingto pay much attention to you because
obviously they want more posts, they wantmore content so they can show more ads. Cause there’s an ad based company. So post frequently, some people they’re
posting, we’re talking one to three timesa day. Now. We’re trying to get up to
that cadence right now. So we realized the more we’re posting,
the more reach that we’re getting. And the other thing I’ll say
too is you could try the. Instagram TV, you can try Instagram. But what I’ll say is experiment
with different formats. So what I do is I might write a tweet on
Twitter, and if I think the tweet is worthcarrying over, then I’ll
post it to Instagram as well. And what’s interesting is if you look at
our numbers in the last year, some of ourhighest reaching posts,
actually the majority of them. Are coming from the tweets, the
tweets, it’s largely tweets. And then the second, the second place
is to carousels, which I talked aboutearlier, but what I’m realizing is the
tweets don’t take the, they take me maybefive to 15 minutes to write, and I just
posted an Instagram and a lot of peopleengage with it. And usually sometimes I might just post
a carousel that like I might have a tweetstorm of seven tweets. I might just make it a
seven carousel thing. And that way I’ve created. Seven tweets. And I’ve also created seven carousels,
and I’ve also posted it to stories. So that’s 21 pieces of content in one day. That’s what I considered content. And the final thing I’ll say around
Instagram is doubling down on what works. So it seems like a very dust statement,
but there’s so much to do with Instagram,there’s so much to do with
all these different channels. I wonder how many times I said Instagram,
and on this video there’s a lot ofdifferent options that you have. I would say if you have a business
account, look at your numbers, look atwhat works, and just double down on that
because there’s no need to try to reinventthe wheel. Once you start to latch, you find
something, latch onto it and just go allin. So let me know what you think
I missed in the comments. And if you’re coming from YouTube, don’t
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