Instagram Influencer Marketing: Your Step By Step Guide

When you’re running an online business,
traffic is key. After all, every person who visits your store
is a potential customer. But, how do you draw in people to your store?Simply put, marketing. And Instagram is one of the most effective
platforms that ecommerce entrepreneurs canuse when marketing their store. Hey guys!I’m Jessica with Oberlo, and today we’ll
be looking at Instagram influencer marketing. We’ll break down what it is, how it works,
and what you can do to launch your own influencermarketing campaign today!Let’s jump into it!Even if you’re new to ecommerce, you probably
know that there are new marketing tacticspopping up all the time. When you’re getting started, it can be tough
to figure out which of those marketing tacticsto focus on. Instagram influencer marketing is one of the
most popular marketing tactics around today. before we dive into that, however, let’s
quickly talk about why Instagram is a greatplatform for ecommerce entrepreneurs. We mentioned earlier that Instagram boasts
a HUGE audience which you can tap into withyour marketing campaigns. 800 million people
use Instagram per month, and that audienceis growing bigger by the day. That great news for entrepreneurs is that
70% of those users seek out brands on Instagram. In other words, Instagram is home to a huge
group of potential customers who actuallywant to see promotional content. This is such a useful channel for ecommerce
entrepreneurs. You can use the platform to promote your latest
products, acquire new customers, and evencommunicate directly with your fans. If you’re worried about creating stunning
panoramas and product photos for every post,relax. You can source Instagram content from other
users and share that with your audience. Just remember to ask the original poster for
permission, and credit them in your post. It’sa win–win situation – you post new content,
and they get promoted for free. By now you might be thinking: if Instagram
is so great for marketing on its own, whyworry about influencer marketing? Building a following on Instagram is tough,
especially if you’re new to operating abusiness account. It certainly helps if you sell visually-appealing
products, but honestly, there’s no guaranteethat you’re going to build a following just
by posting images related to your productsor brands. The bottom line is, If you don’t already
have an established audience on the platform,it’s going to be hard to use Instagram to
grow your business. That’s exactly why Instagram influencers
are so useful for ecommerce brands. They’ve already built up their following
on the platform organically. They have thousands of followers, and these
followers are genuinely interested in whatthe influencer is posting. You can use inluencers and tap into their
audiences of highly-engaged potential buyers,and promote your products directly. Because Instagram influencers are people and
not brands, their followers are much morelikely to trust their advice. When they recommend certain products to their
followers,their followers are more likelyto engage with that content. So Instagram influencers are great – they
can help grow your brand and sell your products. But how do you get influencers involved with
your marketing campaigns?And how do you know if you’re choosing the
right influencers for your brand?The world of influencer marketing can be intimidating
at first, but don’t worry. We’ve got a strategic approach that’ll
help you nail influencer marketing. First things first, you’ll need to find
the right influencers for your brand. This is totally dependent on what you’re
selling, and the brand image that you’retrying to build. It’s always a good idea to use data-driven
decisions when it comes to building a business. With Instagram, there are plenty of tools
you can use to find the best influencers foryour brand. Tools like Ninja Outreach and Snapfluence
can connect you to a wealth of influencerswho are ready to get involved with new, exciting
brands, like yours. Simply search for the type of influencers
you’re looking for, using keywords like“womens fashion” for example, and you’ll
be presented with a list of high-potentialinfluencers. You can also search for influencers manually
with tools like Keyhole. io Search for termsrelated to your niche, and you’ll see which
users have the highest engagement. Later, you can reach out to those influencers
directly. Finding the right influencers might take a
while. You’ll probably need to go through many
different posts and hashtags to find influencerswho are a good fit for your brand, but it’s
worth it in the long-run – investing timeup-front can help you to avoid failed marketing
campaigns in the future. Once you’ve found the right influencers
for your brand, you’ll need to start makingsteps towards forming a business partnership
with them. First, send your chosen influencers a brief
introduction to your brand. Give them an idea of the products that you’re
trying to sell, and provide them with someinformation about what you’re looking for
from their posts. You’ll also need to compensate influencers
them for their services. Typically, Instagram influencers are paid
in one of two ways – by flat monetary compensation
or by a commision-based payment, like 10%of every sale that they bring. You can measure the sales a particular influencer
generates by providing the influencers witha discount code, like ‘JESSICA10’. You can assume that every buyer who enters
that discount code came from that influencer,and you’ll know how much commission you
need to pay. Decide which payment method fits your business
best, and include your choice in your initialpitch to them. Once you’ve come to an agreement with your
influencers, it’s time for them to get towork by promoting your brand. You’ll likely need to send your influencers
a couple of products that they can use intheir campaigns – you want their followers
to notice the influencers wearing or usingyour products. Don’t worry if you’re dropshipping, there
are no problems there. Just ask for the address of your influencers
and ship the products directly to them. Once they’ve received the products, reiterate
what you’re looking for. Consider giving them a few examples of Instagram
posts you love, so they know what you’reexpecting. And here’s a pro tip: Create an account
bit. ly and use it to shorten the links toyour product pages. Why?It’ll look more professional when influencers
post the links and bit. ly will give you analyticsabout the number of people who clicked the
link. That’s great for gauging the success of
your influencer campaigns. Within no time your influencers will be posting
about your brand , and hopefully driving tonsof high-potential traffic to your online store. Alright, so that’s all for today. Like I mentioned earlier, we’re posting
new videos every week, so make sure you subscribeto our channel. That way, you’ll get a heads up when something
new hits YouTube. Thanks so much for watching and we’ll see
you again soon. In the meantime: Learn often, market better,
sell more.