Mastering Your Mind – How to Empower Your Inner Strength

Mastering your mind is about how to empower your inner strength.We all have God given abilities. That is an indication that we are supposed to make use of them. We often think that we can be trained in anything. The truth is that unless we choose something in line with the abilities in our inner self, we will never be any more than mediocre. We must take advantage of what is in our DNA.
We empower our inner strength by discovering what it is and then using it. We are given clues such as what we enjoy doing and what comes naturally. How you feel about what you are doing has a lot to do with your success. Of course feelings must be verified with action to be sure they are reality. When you love what, you are doing and do it well, you have evidence of your special ability.
Everyone has an unstoppable power inside them that can drive them past all obstacles. Unfortunately, it is often untapped. Only a small percentage finds their niche. The pressure is on to find a job and they often settle for the first one that comes along. No one knows how many who are capable of great things are stuck in a job they hate, because they did not take the time to get acquainted with their inner self.
You may feel you have little ability, but you have a special gift from God that is greater than you. It is his power lent to you, so you have strength to reach your goal. Mastering your mind is recognizing your connection with him. This is how to empower your inner strength. Take full advantage of this gift, but give him credit for your success.
The Enthusiasm you receive from using the power in your inner being drives‘ you to sacrifice everything to reach your goal. The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek ‚ethos‘ meaning „God within or God possessed.“
Roman’s 8:9 states that the Spirit of God and Christ lives in believers. Mastering your mind involves linking your intellect with your feelings. Enthusiasm is absorbing or controlling of the mind by any interest or pursuit.
Passion is intense, driving or overmastering feeling or conviction. It is even more intense that enthusiasm. It can also be described as the state or capacity of being acted on by external agents or forces. We plan our course with our mind, but the Lord determines our steps (Proverbs 16:9). Passion is from the Latin word Patti, meaning to suffer such as the passion of Christ. We usually think of passion as a pleasant emotion, but we must often spend long hours resolving difficulties and give up some leisure time to reach our goal.
To reach this degree of emotion you must discover the hidden power within you placed there by your maker. Explore what you love doing to see what sets you on fire. When you develop an intense desire to excel in your ability you have tapped into something that is bigger than you are. Your maker created you for a special purpose.
You know you have found it when pursing it becomes the most important thing in your life. This is when mastering of the mind takes place. It is how you empower your inner strength.
You may have several things you enjoy doing so you may have to work with each one before you find what really turns you on. After you have found it, give yourself some time to develop it with practice until you have a strong desire to make it your most treasured pursuit. It must be something that comes naturally, improvements come easily, and lights the fire in your belly.