Overcoming Anxiety Without Medication – How to Overcome an Anxiety Disorder Through Diet

More and more anxiety sufferers are overcoming anxiety without using medication. You’ll discover here why diet is one of the most effective natural ways to help overcome anxiety disorder. First, let’s look at why more and more anxiety sufferers are turning away from drug-based medication towards natural ways of overcoming their anxiety.
The usual medications prescribed by a doctor are anti-depressants to help regulate mood, tranquilizers to help calm, and, beta-blockers to help control the physical symptoms of anxiety and anxiety attacks.
And these can work well when accurately prescribed and followed to the letter by the patient. So why do so many folks prefer not to take anxiety medication? Mainly, it’s because of their pretty severe side effects that include dependency issues in some cases. And also because these medications don’t work for everybody.
[Now, a word of caution here: Do not stop taking any medication for anxiety without consulting your doctor first. If you suffer any bad side-effects from your medication, go to your doctor immediately and discuss the issue with him or her.]
So to natural ways of overcoming anxiety: The objective is to reduce your stress and anxiety levels as much as possible. Now, when you suffer from general anxiety, and perhaps regular anxiety attacks as a result, you might think this is difficult. And it can be. But there are natural steps that you can take to help you do this. And one of the most important and effective is your diet.
The key here is to use a healthy diet to help relieve fatigue, stay hydrated and build up your auto-immune system, etc. Poor diet does the opposite and so can make it very difficult to overcome your general anxiety. Here are some important dietary measures you can take to overcome anxiety…
1 – Stay well hydrated by drinking at least 12 x 8oz glasses of water per day. Also drink 100% natural fruit juices.
2 – Ensure you eat plenty vegetables and fruits.
3 – Eat meat sparingly, just enough to provide enough fat and protein.
4 – Consume plenty of complex carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, rice, cereal, etc.) to help balance your blood sugar.
5 – Make sure you’re getting enough essential fatty acids (tuna, salmon, fish oil, etc.) since there is evidence to suggest that not enough fatty acids can be a factor in anxiety and depression.
6 – Consider taking natural supplements to make up for some of the important vitamins, minerals and nutrients that might be missing from your diet. For example vitamin B complex, vitamin E, etc.
7 – Eliminate caffeine. Coffee, tea, chocolate and fizzy drinks, etc. should be avoided as they are known stimulants. At the very least, dramatically reduce their consumption. Also, avoid alcohol which acts as a stimulant during the first couple of drinks but then can act as a depressant with higher intakes.
[Note: If these are very drastic changes to your existing diet, consult your doctor before implementing them.]
Now, whilst these dietary changes can be significant in helping you to eliminate your anxiety, there is another issue that you must address, and that is your ‚fear factor.‘ If you suffer from general anxiety, then you probably suffer from anxiety (panic) attacks. Now, what happens once you’ve had a panic attack is that you’re terrified of having another. This fear can be recognised for what it is or be in your subconscious.
And this fear can actually build on your general anxiety to such an extent that it can actually trigger an anxiety attack. So fear of an attack can actual cause one! You need to break this anxiety cycle so that you can eliminate anxiety attacks and be better placed to overcome your general anxiety.