Stress Relief: 5 Simple Steps to Master Your Mind and Raise Your Spiritual Energy Starting Now!

„I am a spiritual being having a human experience“ – Is this your belief?
My urgent request to all my friends who know and believe the above statement is to make your energy management your utmost priority.
Because we know the following facts:
I, the spirit am energy. Thoughts are energy. Everything is energy.
I am using my energy in creating the thoughts. The negative thoughts deplete the energy while positive thoughts add to that energy.
We have to first recognize the ‚drains‘, the negative thoughts, so that we can plug them and retain our energy. We worry so much about conserving our resources such as water, electricity, money etc, but forget to watch the wastage of our mental spiritual energy. Whenever we are engaging in distressing thoughts, we are giving our power away. When we are stressed, it is even more important to conserve our energy so that we can be strong and efficient in resolving the situation.
I am sure you agree with me that it is crucial that we maintain and conserve our energy resources. The more energetic we are, the better we can handle whatever life brings to us. The million dollar question is, but how? Can I do it?
The answer is:
Yes! You can. You are the manager of your energy. You create your thoughts. You can choose your thoughts.
Hard to believe it as these thoughts seem to come on their own, automatically without any conscious will on our part. Sometimes it even feels like we can’t stop them no matter how hard we try. We may feel like helpless victims of these thoughts. I understand that we seem to have no control on them.
Let us look at an analogy. If our television is tuned to a particular broadcast frequency, we keep receiving that transmission. It is coming and we are watching that channel.
It is happening and we are at its receiving end. But we do not feel helpless and at its mercy or victims of this information broadcast. If we do not like what is coming, we flip the switch to change the channel. Right?
It is the same way with our thought frequency. We seem to be hearing a particular conversation, self-talk based on our energy frequency at any given time. If we do not like it, we can stop this chatter and turn on a different frequency. Yes. It is in your control once you learn to take charge of it.
Let us look at an example:
Situation: I am a state employee who lost my job as part of the downsizing and financial conservation efforts of our state of California. When I stopped and listened to the conversation going on in my head, it is something like this:
Scenario 1:
All my hard work and dedication to my job has gone to a waste. No one cares. I was so stupid that I could not see it coming. I should have moved to the company job before this happened. Now it is too late. The economy is so bad. I don’t think I can get another job. I would have to default on my home loan. I will be on the streets, can’t even rent with my bad credit. I am a loser.
What would I be doing with this kind of mindset and attitude? Probably not trying hard, not putting my best effort, not reaching out, somewhat sad and giving up. When people see this being transmitted from me, they would respond more according to my expectations.
Scenario 2:
I am a hard worker and did a great job with the state. I am pretty confident of my skills on the job and as a team player. I might have to try a little harder in this economy to find another job, but I am sure something will turn up for me. The severance pay I got will carry me forward in the meantime. This would be a great time to get my online business in place to start getting some extra income. I have always wanted to do this but could not make the time.
What would I be doing with this mindset and attitude? You guessed right. I am putting my best effort with hope and trust in finding another job as well as starting my online business. My radiance and brightness attracts more of the same for me, more people and situations come in my way to lead me to success.
Which scenario would you like to be yours? Yes. It is just a matter of choice.
This skill has 5 steps for you to master it:

  1. Learning to pay attention to what is being said or going on now right now in your mind – your self-talk.
  2. Learning to watch it without being caught up in it – mindfulness. You may choose to write your thoughts down.
  3. Check to see if these thoughts are being helpful or harmful.
  4. If it is helpful, let it happen or continue with your self-talk.
  5. If it is harmful, STOP it right now. Then replace with positive talk.
    Initially you may have to write down what you want to believe, and read it, repeat it until it feels right, until you own it. Sometimes it may take a few days of repetition before you can believe it. Be patient.
    Give it a try. You may find yourself changing your mindset just as you would change the channel on your tv. If not, do not hesitate to contact us for further help.