Help With Overcoming Anxiety Without Medication

Anxiety attacks can be terrifying and frustrating especially for those individuals who suffer from panic or anxiety attacks frequently. Anxiety attacks can also be quite debilitating since they take complete control of the individual’s mind reducing the quality of the individual social, professional and personal life. Anxiety attacks are usually characterized by the most common signs and symptoms which include sudden fatigue, dizziness, confusion, increased heart rate and increased pulse rate. Hence it is extremely important for overcoming anxiety without medication to prevent other types of medical complications such as addiction to the prescribed medications.
One of the most effective ways for overcoming anxiety without medication is to think logically and rationally. In most anxiety attacks a downward spiral is created by increased release of stress hormones and adrenaline in the body, which causes the mind to race and become a logical and irrational. Thinking logically and rationally will help reduce the levels of stress hormones and adrenaline in the body and will also help control of panic attack and stop it completely even when it is happening.
Many therapists also suggest controlling the breathing pattern during the panic attack or whenever you feel you anxiety levels increasing. A control breathing pattern will help you think logically and rationally and will also help you keep all the stress responses in your body within control.
The most common treatment procedure used to overcome anxiety is a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy or psychotherapy with medication. The prescribed medication for overcoming anxiety includes antidepressants which can cause addiction leading to further medical complications. Hence there are many people who wish to overcome anxiety without medication and request for treatment only by cognitive behavioral therapy or psychotherapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy working very similar ways and that is by replacing the negative thoughts and beliefs which cause the anxiety with positive thoughts and beliefs.
Psychotherapy further recommends meditation and other types of relaxation techniques to individuals suffering from abnormal levels of anxiety so that they can relax the body and mind reducing the frequency of the anxiety attacks and after a certain period of time completely stopping the anxiety attacks from occurring. The relaxation techniques also prevent the individuals from spiraling into depression which is either caused by the anxiety attacks or is the reason for the occurrence of the anxiety attacks.
Even though most will practitioners prescribe medication for depression and other types of anxiety disorders it is always best to overcome anxiety and depression without any type of medication since the effect will be permanent and there will be no worry of suffering from side effects of the medications. Anxiety attacks or panic attacks can be extremely embarrassing and the individual suffering from these attacks might feel that he or she does not have any control over their life however through simple technique such as controlling the breathing pattern, replacing negative thoughts and beliefs of positive ones and by practicing relaxation techniques the individual will be able to overcome anxiety without the help of medication and the possibility of side effects.