How to Master Your Mind

With today’s economy making permanent changes, we need to also make some permanent changes – changes for the better. But how do we do that? Good question. Well, I’d like to make a suggestion – Control Your Thoughts. Your thoughts are very powerful and if you don’t control them then by default, you give up that control to whomever is around you.
According to Napoleon Hill’s famous and popular book, Think and Grow Rich,…“Our thoughts are the one thing man has Absolute control of“…
Please read that sentence again. At the end of the day, you control your destiny, you control your fate. Famous internet millionaire, Joe Schroeder, and the line in the movie with Morgan Freeman portraying Nelson Mandela in Convictus, „I am the Captain of my Soul“. I’m sure you have heard of Nelson Mandela’s story, being held in prison for 27 years and in all of that time he never gave up, he never stopped believing that he would be free one day. I’m sure he battled with himself and what else did he have to win that battle with himself but control of his thoughts. Nelson Mandela weathered that storm and overcame all of his objections and questions and I’m sure I could add some tears in there too but through it all he never gave up. He declared that he was the captain of his soul and he walked out of that prison in South Africa 27 years later and went on to win the election that put him in the president’s seat in his country. He beat apartheid and he was victorious.
I can’t help but believe that if he had a weak mind and didn’t control his thoughts and he didn’t allow that little voice inside of his head that was telling him that he was never going to get out of there, if he didn’t master his mind, he wouldn’t be where he is today.
Remember, the one thing man has absolute control over are his thoughts. Learn to master your mind. I truly believe it is our only way that America will get back to the prosperity and abundance we shared not too long ago.