Master Your Mind Be a Mastermind

The film Groundhog Day offers a brilliant script where Bill Murray stars in one of the leading roles as newscaster Phil Connors who awakens to the same day over and over again. What happens to his attitude at first? He’s irate and doesn’t hide his anger. His behavior is that of a madman whose desires are thwarted, and day after day, no matter what he does, he just can’t seem to get the energy moving in his life. He stagnates in the same day, in the same small town (Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania), celebrating the rise of the illustrious groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, who he absolutely detests. Bill thinks he’s far above it all, and with his arrogant attitude, belittles everyone.
Little by little he scratches through an opening in his heart to become more of himself. By the end of the film, he’s released his old traits, experiences talents and gifts he never knew he had, and shares them selflessly with everyone in town. He lives his potential.
Your true potential
Just like Punxsutawney seems oppressive to Bill in Groundhog Day, the outer world with its infinite demands and constraints can occupy our entire mind-until we notice it. As soon as we notice that our daily life has usurped all of our attention, we taste the first nectar of our true potential. For an instant time stops, we notice our eternity. Our relationship with the world is expansive and infinite in all directions. This flash of perception vanishes the instant another worldly thought grabs our attention. But, the realization of our true selves wasn’t a passing cloud.
Master your mind be a mastermind
You’ve just experienced a step in mastering your mind. Our attention is drawn outward through our five senses: touch, taste, sound, sight and smell. Stronger worldly experiences combine the five senses and pull our attention through an invisible bond.
When we master our minds, we’re able to direct our focus at will without being pulled out. This strength is your true inheritance. But, you’ll have to rebuild your natural talent especially during the era in which we live. Nowadays, we’re bombarded with demands for our attention more than in any other earthly age. Since this is true, the opposite is also true which is: the amount of inner strength, peace, love of yourself, grace and beauty that are natural aspects of yourself will shine the brightest when you master your mind.
A new you
It will try your patience to reflect back on your inner self every