My Instagram Strategy for 2020 (EXPOSED!)

I want to make sure that when people go on
my profile it’s like boom, the Vanessa Lauand if that ever gets shared, other people
are like, ah, that’s a Vanessa Lau contentpiece. what is up everyone welcome back to my channel,
the best place for new coaches, content creatorsand entrepreneurs. Now first things first,
I am so happy to be back in my home base,Vancouver, Canada and as you can see the backdrop
is finally in my new office and if you’vebeen following me for a while, you know that
this has been a long time coming and I cannotwait to eventually share at my office with
you, but that will be another video. Anyways,I’m super excited for today’s video. The reason
why is because lately I’ve been thinking alot about 2020 and I have a feeling a lot
of you guys are as well, but for me specifically,I’m thinking about my social media strategy
and again, even more specifically on Instagrambecause you guys know I’m the Instagram girl.
That’s why as I was thinking and brainstormingways that I wanted to grow next year and things
that I want to do differently so I could standout and get more traffic to my page. I figured I might as well share some of the
things that I’m implementing with you guysbecause I have a feeling you’re probably in
the same boat as me wanting to grow next yearor even just in a place where you want some
pure inspiration on how to grow on socialmedia, which is what I’m all about. That’s
why if you are interested in all of this,this video is going to be perfect for you,
but before we dive into this video, I havesome important shout outs that I want to say,
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video. All right, welcome back. Let’s divein. Dee. First thing that I want to share
with you guys, that’s something that I’m goingto be implementing a lot more next year and
I’m already implementing now, is creatingshareable content. And I talk a little bit
about this in this video right here. So definitelycheck that out so you can see the elaboration
of it. But basically I realized that withmy current Instagram strategy, or at least
my Instagram strategy for 2018 it was veryme focused. I really was trying to get my brand out there,
get people to understand what I’m all about,and that meant long form captions and a nice
picture of me, yada, yada, yada. And to behonest, the reason why I was doing that a
lot was because likes still mattered. AndI was like, okay, well those get the most
likes. And every time I post a quote or everytime I post something else, you know, it just
doesn’t get that many likes. But now thatInstagram has removed likes, it’s honestly
have been so freaking liberating and I feellike I can take a lot more creative control
with my account and not really care aboutlikes. Not that I cared about them that much
before, but still we’re human. I get it ifyou care about vanity metrics. And so that’s
why next year and even starting now, I’m creatingmore posts that are actually going to generate
more people sharing them. And so if you really think about it, people
aren’t really going to be sharing a photoof me, you know, they’re less likely to do
that. But if I post something like this, that’sgoing to get a lot more shares, a lot more
saves. And that’s kind of the KPI or the keyperformance indicator that I’m going to be
tracking for next year. How many shares isactually happening with my posts and the reason
why I’m really focused on creating these contentpieces that are very share worthy is because
the more people that share my content, themore traffic that I’m going to get onto my
profile. And that’s kind of what I want. Iwant people to get to know my account. I want
people to get to know what I offer. So bydoing that it’s going to get more eyeballs
onto my page. That’s why next year I’m definitely going
to be focused more on creating shareable contentfor my audience, but also for my audiences,
audiences, audiences as well. All right, somoving onto the next thing that I’m going
to be implementing for 2020 and again I’vealready started implementing now is basically
creating a more streamlined brand for myself. Now, if I reflect back on 2018 and 2019 when
I was on Instagram, I didn’t really have anythingrecognizably mine. So for example, I didn’t
have a specific thought that I was using ora specific color palette that I was using.
And I do want to emphasize that these thingsaren’t the most important, but for me at my
stage, I really want people to be able tosee a piece of content of mine and be like,
ah, that is so Vanessa Lau. And I think that’simportant because I want to create that brand
recognition. Now am I saying that this is important for
everyone? No, not at all. This is just a personalthing that I want to implement and this means
that when I’m creating that shareable content,I’m using my brand colors, I’m using my brand
font, I’m putting my brand logo on it. I reallywant to create content pieces that are very
recognizably mine. And I think that that’simportant because when you’re on Instagram,
people are sharing things. There may be copyingwhat you’re doing and everything like that,
but when you are very, very streamlined inhow you present yourself online and it’s very
consistent, then people are going to be ableto recognize you and your, you know, branding
a lot better. I think that was a very longwinded answer, but basically I just want to
be more streamlined. I want to make sure thatwhen people go on my profile, it’s like boom,
the Nessa Lao and if that ever gets shared,other people are like, ah, that’s a Vanessa
Lau content piece. Now earlier on in this video I did mention
the fact that Instagram was moving likes andsome of you guys have been damning me asking
me how I feel about it and everything likethat. And I think that’s interesting because
I live in Canada, so the likes have been removedfor a while. But since it’s now hitting and
being implemented in the U S it’s like a newthing now. But for me, I’ve had some time
to digest, not having likes. And originallyI was a little bit upset by it because I work
hard to create a very cultivated communityand for that value metric to be taken away,
it’s just kinda like man. But I got over itand it honestly isn’t that big of a deal.
And if anything, I actually find it to bea lot more liberating. Even for me. Ever since
likes have been removed, I started to postmore like real content and not necessarily
perfect curated pieces on my feet and I’mgoing to continue to do that in 2020 so basically
the next thing that I’m going to implementis I’m going to implement way more real and
raw photos of my day to day life in perfectphotos of my not necessarily photos that are
professionally taken. Now does that mean that I’m not going to take
professionally taken photos? No. I actuallyreally enjoy having those photo shoots and
having those type of photos on hand, but Ido want to implement more photos that are
a little bit more authentic and not necessarilyperfectly feed approved. This is a little
bit contradictory considering the fact thatearlier on I was talking about wanting to
create more streamlined branding. Now I’mgoing to give you a preview of my feed. So
as you can see here, what I have planned isyes I have streamlined branding when it comes
to the shareable content. But for everythingelse it’s still, you know, my photos, whether
it’s professionally done or not professionallydone. So when you actually look at the feed
in birds eye view, it’s still going to lookvery polished and again, having a polished
feed isn’t going to make you or break you,but it’s something that I like to have personally,
but anyways, all in all, what I’m trying tosay is that ever since Instagram removed likes,
I am going to create more content that’s alittle bit more relatable and not necessarily
always perfectly curated. Now, speaking of perfectly curated feeds,
the next thing that I’m going to be implementingnext year is I’m going to do a less long form
at captions. Now, this doesn’t mean that I’mnever going to do long form captions again.
I’m going to definitely be doing long formcaptions because I have a lot to say and I’m
not going to let long form captions versusshort form captions stop me from giving the
value that I want to get. If it’s going totake me 500 characters to do it or a thousand
characters or five characters to do it, I’mgoing to do it. But the reason why I’m putting
this as my 2020 strategy is because back thenI was a huge advocate for long form captions
and my entire feed is filled with long formcaptions. It might as well be a freaking book.
Now, the reason why I was a huge advocatefor it is because back then nobody was doing
long form captions or not. A lot of people were. Instead people would
put a peach emoji and call it a day and thatwas so not valuable. But nowadays, now that
it’s a trend and now that everyone is recommendingto do long form captions, everyone is doing
long form captions. It’s not as special anymore. Obviously don’t let any rule stop you from
giving the value that you want to give, butif you are put in a position where you feel
like you can’t put a one-liner of value becauseit’s not going to perform, if it’s not long
form captions, then I really highly adviseyou to drop that expectation for yourself
because that’s what I’m dropping in 2020 I’mnot going to tell myself, okay, if it’s not
this long, then I shouldn’t post it. I haveto deliver this much value in a post. I’m
not going to do that anymore because I foundmyself confined in that box and that’s why
I’m moving into 2020 you’re going to see alot more, you know, shorter captions from
me and that’s going to be okay because that’snot what my feed always needs to have. So again, if you’re finding yourself feeling
like you need to always do long form captions,drop that in 2020 all right, moving onto the
next thing that I’m going to be implementingmore in 2020 and that is I G T. V. now this
is a long time coming. I’ve always wantedto experiment with IGT V and actually a lot
of you guys DM me asking me for videos, butI GTV but I’m just kind of like, well I don’t
post IGT V so how can I do a video on somethingthat I don’t really have that much experience?
And for me I realized it was a huge disserviceto a lot of people of me not being on IgE
TV because I am the Instagram girl and it’skind of ironic that the Instagram girl doesn’t
have GTV. So now that it’s been a full yearof me being on YouTube and mastering YouTube,
I now feel ready to kind of dive into anothertype of platform vehicle, which is IGA TV. Now I’m don’t know if I’m going to be doing
unique content on HGTV. Maybe I might be doinga lot of repurposing, which is actually something
that I’m definitely implementing a lot in2020 which is repurpose and content. And if
you’re interested in learning about contentrepurposing, visit this video right here.
Basically I am going to be experimenting withIGT V more and I’m really hoping that I can
do more videos for you guys about IgE TV becausethat’s something that I really haven’t talked
about a lot and if I’m going to position myselfas a resource to you guys when it comes to
social media strategy on Instagram, I definitelywant to challenge myself to use as many platforms
as possible and that’s kind of something thatyou’ll be seeing next year on my channel two
is me talking about other platforms otherthan just Instagram and just YouTube because
personally I’m going to be actually puttingmy fingers in more platforms come 2020 but
that can be for another video. Anyways, guys, those were the things that
I’m going to be personally implementing inmy 2020 social media strategy for Instagram.
Please comment below and let me know whichone you might be implementing, things that
you think are really great ideas or even yourown strategies that you might be doing next
year. I’d love to hear more about it. Notonly this. In the meantime, while you wait
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