The Best Way to Do Instagram Marketing

If i was „nobody“, which 99% of people nowi don’t have a million followers, i’m trying to growi’m trying to build my dreams and aspirationsi’m literally doing what i just showed youfor 10 hours a daythe reason we’re sitting here today , is i decided from2007 to 2011 to spend4 to 8 hours a day replying to people on Twitterthat weren’t even talking to meyou could type in the name of that town andthen go in Instagram and then go to places, clickit and see every photo that’s been postedin your town, in that townyou could then go look at the photo, could be her out of good willsaying: „Huge score“. You couldreply and say: „Good shit. 7 to 150on a f*cking stapler? Go girl!“
Right Now all of a sudden she’s just a normal human,she only gets6 comments to begin withshe’s like:“Who’s this man?“ She clicks, she goes your bio is I sell homes, she’s like coolnice guy. I hope he’s not weird and she’s out
Right but the 97th person that does thatgoes: „He seems nice. “ Goes in the funnelyou put out a good piece of content likeimma DM him, i’m thinking about selling my homeWhat peopledon’t understand is how much worki put to even begin the process of being who i am today2007-2011 is along time agofor a lot of people. That year i decidedto go on TwitterSearchand anybody that talked about wine, i jumped in andtalked to them. How did i get here?Hand to hand combat. Give me your phonelet me show you something.
Oh, here you go
So you go to columbia marylandyou go to places. So i’m in Instagram searchthis is gonna work for all of you if you want to build You just go to columbia maryland and right now, it’s gonna show youall the top photos and all the recent photosWhat i did but on Twitterwith the word Pinot Noir
is i literally and lookInstagram is a little bit of a different place
The first photo is like a dudewho’s looking real f*cking diesel and sh!t and so like
i mean you couldyou could, i’m not joking i would literallygo in here and be like: „Swole“
Post right right i did it He’s like: „i don’t know who did that“ but this islook. There’s a couple good things going for you
1) your name is realtor Brianlike the fact—
this is how i think,right? I think i was gonna ask you about that too,is it really good?
right? i think
it is goodand again look, what’s gonna be unpopularattractive people, so as a guy it’s a prettygirl. You don’t want to come across creepy. You gotta be thoughtful, you don’t have to go to everypost but you go to these postsright? and like this is happening, these postsare happening in this town, right? like for example here’ssomething about Wegmans, right? literallyyou’re like: „Love that“ and i’m doing that right for you, right nowbecause i don’t think people get it „Love that place“ right?So. . . . . i want you to become the mayor of the towni did what i just showed you for 4hours,5 hours,6 hours a day on TwitterIf i was „nobody“ which is 99% of people nowi don’t have a million followers, i’m trying to growi’m trying to build my dreams and aspirationsi’m literally doing what i just showed you for 10hours, 6 hours a day.
This is your $1. 80,right? It’s my $1. 80
right?leaving your „0. 2 cents“ 90 times a day$1. 80
When you’re local you’re setyou have to understand. Most people don’t get 4000 commentslike i do. they get 7 and they’re pumped whenthey get a new one,right? i can see by allyour body languages. I know what the masses are livingso now you’re getting attention
Now notice what i didi didn’t just say: „COOL“ or a <3i like looked at the picture
That was a swole dude, swolelike i was at Wegmansi like that place or you could’ve said something about the oranges
The more you givean actual comment
In real context
the moreyou’ll get what you want which is awarenesswith the hope that it leads to something that you want
I remember itlike yesterday just sitting there, it’s like 1:47and you know you gotta wake up soon and you’re just likesaying: „With the pinot grigio“ or like“Drink it next year“ or like „Did you ever try this?“ and you’resitting and you’re like: Is this worth it?
oh yeah I knew it was but if i even thought about itlike if it even crossed my mind once, i know that’swhat’s top of mind to everybody else
What i just said is rightVery clearly articulated90% are gonna be like: That makes sense
1%it’s gonna execute40% is gonna start hmmmbut they’re gonna give up within 48 hoursWithin 13 daysWithin 4 monthsand if i did 4 years in i wouldn’tbe sitting here
Hey guys Thank you so much for watching myvideo on Youtube
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